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The Many Gourmet Flavors of our Fudge

Submitted by admin on Fri, 2008-05-23 04:00.

~~~~~New additions to the Fudgin' It line~~~~~

Peanut Brittle - lots of peanuts!
Needhams - Maine's potato candy YaUummmmmmm!!!

New chocolate delights: Caramel peanut clusters and rocky road clusters

For you peppermint lovers, Peppermint Kandy Kane Krunch is back!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Our Newest Flavors~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tutti Fruitti is coming to you
In cherry, orange and coconut too!

We have many flavors of fudge, our stock depends upon the season, however there are regulars we will always have (Peanut Butter anyone?). Below is a list of our many flavors.

*Angry Dog - Mad Dog's Brother
*Apple Cinnamon
*Apricot Brandy
*Banana Nut
*Belted Galloway
*Blushing Orange Mint: The perfect combination
of chocolate, orange and mint to wow your
taste buds
*Brown Dog - Mad Dog's Cousin
*Cafe Parfait
*Carrot Cake
*Cherry Amaretto
*Chocolate - Plain and Good!
*Chocolate Almond
*Chocolate Caramel Swirl
*Chocolate Cherry Jubilee
*Chocolate Coconut Almond
*Chocolate Double Raspberry
*Chocolate Peanut
*Chocolate Pecan
*Chocolate Raspberry Swirl
*Chocolate Rum Raisin
*Chocolate Walnut
*Coconut Toast: Coconut fudge filled with
toasted shredded coconut....a perfect treat
for coconut lovers!
*Coffee Brandy
*Coffee Brandy with Nuts
*Cranberry Orange Nut
*Cupid's Delight
*Dream Lovers Tri-Chocolate
*Fall Festival
*Fisherman's Delight
*French Kiss
*Frosted Orange Creme: Orangey Creamy
confection......a delightful taste of summer
*Ginger Blast
*Hannah Banana Chocolate Chunk
*Hawaiian Jazz
*Hot Chocolate
*Kennebec River Mud
*Mad Dog Chocolate
*Mad Dog Peanut Butter
*Mad Dog's Little Brother - Peanut
*Maine Mocha Moose
*Mandarin Orange Dream
*Maple Sundae
*Maple Walnut
*Old Glory
*Ooooooo Cherry
*Orange Coconut
*Orange You Glad It's Chocolate
*Peanut Butter - Smooth and original!
*Peanut Butter with Nuts
*Peanut Butter and Chocolate
*Penuche with Nuts
*Peppermint Kandy Kane Krunch
*Pina Colada
*Pistachio Fudge Blast
*Pumpkin Nut
*Rocky Road
*Root Beer Float
*Rum Raisin
*Shaggy Dog
*Snow on the Mountain
*Strawberry Giggle
*Turtle Sundae: Brown sugar fudge with pecans,
mini marshmallows and chunks of dark Belgium
*Twisted Kate
*Vanilla - Plain and Simple
*Vanilla Almond
*Vanilla Blueberry Swirl
*Vanilla Caramel Swirl
*Vanilla Pecan
*Vanilla Raspberry Swirl
*Vanilla Walnut
*West Gardiner Rocky Road
*Whimsical Sherbet